TV Show Development, Pilot Testing & Series Maintenance

Our research is designed to provide insights at any stage in the development or refinement of a show or series.

Before the first frame is shot, we conduct immersive sessions guiding potential viewers through story and character arcs and other creative elements.

Pilot testing groups can be conducted with or without dials.

Between seasons, we recruit a mix of loyal fans and prospect viewers. Prior to coming in, we have them watch the previous season. Then, in groups, we assess various elements of the show (such as plot, characters, setting, relationships, writing and cinematography) to understand what’s working, what needs improvement and the key to a long-term, engaged fan base.

Brand Development & Campaign Assessment

In our brand and campaign research, we place our focus on getting a deep understanding not only of your audience’s needs and wants, but their perceptions around your brand promise, programming, and how well the differentiating elements of your brand break through to ignite and sustain interest.

And, it’s not just about new brands, shows, or campaigns—often the biggest hurdle is overcoming what consumers think they already know about you—so we work with you and creatives to understand barriers to engagement and assess the best way to overcome then.

User Experience | Usability Sessions

Technology is ever evolving—we help clients stay ahead of the curve. We conduct qualitative user experience interviews providing the opportunity for clients to watch live or remotely as respondents navigate sites/apps via smartphones and tablets, traditional desktop/laptop or streaming devices, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes.

With decades of UX experience, we work with you to develop the best approach for where you are in the development cycle—whether that’s early stage co-creation sessions, first exposure to concepts or prototypes, or sustained utilization across time for a robust read on the experience.

Audience Insights | Landscape Studies & Audience Immersions

We’re not in the business of selling “cookie cutter” methodologies and approaches; we’re in the business of solving our clients’ problems in the best way possible.

Whether assessing the audience you have or the audience you want to have, gaining a deeper understanding of cultural trends or generational cohort, we custom create thought leadership studies to inform your decisions about who you’re targeting, how, and why.

Our work has been leveraged internally to guide decision making and has been presented as a key part of press releases and Upfront presentations.

Bringing the Audience to Life | Ethnographies

In-depth, in-home ethnographic interviews allow us to observe and question participants in the comfort of their own homes, allowing us to see their reality, and giving us a deeper understanding of their values, their lifestyles, and their brand and media preferences.

Ethno-Segmentation | Quantitative Survey + Ethnographies

Our approach to audience segmentation includes both a quantitative and a qualitative component, in order to get the richest, most in-depth view possible of your current and potential audience.

We start with a quantitative survey, in order to uncover the key drivers, attitudes, and behaviors that differentiate and define core audience segments going well beyond simple demographics.

Following, we conduct in-home ethnographies with the segments to bring the audience to life and add context and meaning around their behaviors, so the segment insights are more recognizable and, most importantly, actionable.

Methodologies We Employ



Focus Groups & Ideation Sessions: Creative focus groups, campaign assessment groups, product development workshops, content development workshops and immersive ideation sessions that bring marketers, developers, content creators and the C-Suite together with their target customers

Ethnographies: In-homes and in-the-neighborhood videotaped ethnographies bring a brand’s current audience and target audiences to life to guide innovation and brand strategy for marketers, product developers and content creators

User Experience (UX):  In guiding the development of apps, websites and new digital experiences, our methodologies range from traditional usability lab in-depth observation and analysis to UX-ethnography and sustained utilization in order to optimize each experience and assess acceptance and use over time

One-on-Ones: In-person, in-depth individual interviews provide a deep dive into consumer perceptions and preferences. Online video diaries provide a personal point of view alongside the ability to document behavior in real time across day-parts

Longitudinal: Combining any or all of these methodologies over time can provide a richer read with insights into use-cases, triggers to exploration and adoption, and impediments to consideration that might go unnoticed in a one-time exploration


Online Surveys: Our online surveys range from simple 5-minute pulse checks to complex lines of questioning that make use of analytical techniques, such as MaxDiff analysis, and can assess rich media, such as marketing materials in development

Dial Testing: Interactive, online dial testing allows us to measure what’s working and what’s not – at any stage in the process (from rough cut to finished episode or ad)

Flash Polls: Quick polls that can be deployed to a large sample size of respondents with very quick turnaround

Mobile Surveys: Surveys deployed via mobile device that allow the respondent to answer any question, anywhere, at any time

Mixed Method: Quantitative surveys that feature a qualitative element, ranging from customized open-end sequences to featuring an “online focus group” as a survey component