App Development: I've Got Something Funny in My Pocket

MISSION: Comedy Central aimed to discover opportunities to enhance their digital experience and offerings for Gen Y males.

APPROACH: Miner & Co. Studio assembled cross-functional teams of Comedy Central developers, programmers, marketers & select viewers engaged with comedy content as well as digital and mobile touch points. Respondents were sent flip cams to document their comedy media behavior, as well as their use of mobile apps and websites for TV content, social updates, etc. This was accompanied by ideas for optimization.

OUTCOME: Research revealed that Comedy Central had a big opportunity to become the go-to comedy resource for Gen Y males. The network needed to provide Gen Y males ways to share content with and impress friends and acquaintances, and to leverage different platforms to keep them engaged. Research continues to shape Comedy Central’s digital and cross-platform offerings, including the launch of the CC Stand-Up App.