TV is Now the Second Screen for Kids with Tablets

“In households where tablets and smartphones are accessible, they’ve now taken the lead with kids as the preferred way to enjoy and explore video content. TV has become the ‘second’ or even third screen for many of these kids.”

 The Summer of Peak TV: The Viewers’ Perspective

“Peak TV isn’t just a benefit for the TV audience, the greater investment in quality scripted shows is key to the survival of broadcast, cable and streaming content providers.”

Streaming Has Become TV, and Women Are Leading The Change

“Gone are the days when viewers saw CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC as the 'Big 4' channels. Streaming has reshaped viewers' preferences with most now ranking Netflix, Amazon, Hulu,  HBO GO, or YouTube if they're younger as their top go-to 'channels' for finding and watching shows.”

Time for TV to Shed the ‘Stoner’ Stereotype

“A new class of Cannabis Consumers are reshaping marijuana culture and want to change ingrained perceptions. They are active, engaged and productive and want TV and media to catch up with the times and move beyond ‘stoned’ or ‘out of it’ stereotypes that present an impediment to greater acceptance.”

Cannabis Is Bliss for TV Time with Kids

“The parents in this survey find that cannabis enhances their family’s TV time and say they’re more engaged with their kids and the content they are watching.  Nearly 8 of 10 state that they regularly consume cannabis when watching or getting ready to watch TV with their kids, ranging from occasionally (17%) to frequently (35%).”

The New Cannabis Consumer - Stoners No More

“A new class of Cannabis Consumers is reshaping marijuana culture.  These individuals break the ‘out of it’ stoner stereotype in favor of feeling more ‘present’ and ‘mindful’ while they consume cannabis.  They also actively seek out cannabis products that are high quality, high-end and often artfully branded and packaged.”


Summer Streaming: The New Summer Reading List

“Streaming of TV shows/series is replacing reading time on vacations this summer. Not only are vacationing families and singles reading fewer books than they have in the past, they’re streaming in places they used to read. When it comes down to it, most are simply more excited about the shows/series they want to stream than the books they want to read.

Binge Viewing: Our
New Favorite Addiction

“Frequent Binge-Viewers are more likely to associate positive qualities to binge-viewing, seeing binge-viewing as something that makes them the “the life of the party” (3x more likely), “in the know” (77%) and “culture vultures” (58%)”