Binge Effects


APRIL 2014

70% of TV viewers consider themselves binge-viewers an activity that the same percentage of respondents says is “addictive.”

71% said binge-viewing is “totally normal.”

59% considering the habit to be a harmless addiction. 

17% of Binge-Viewers do so on a daily basis (Frequent), 63% weekly (Consistent) and 90% monthly (Occasional)

Frequent Binge-Viewers skew younger (61 % are Millennials)

Frequent Binge-Viewers are more likely to associate positive qualities to binge-viewing, seeing binge-viewing as something that makes them the “the life of the party” (3x more likely), “in the know” (77%) and “culture vultures” (58%)

Frequent Binge-Viewers are 2x more likely than Infrequent Binge-Viewers to have skipped showering or bathing because they were binge-viewing

Frequent Binge-Viewers are 3x more likely to order take-out instead of cooking for their family than Infrequent Binge-Viewers – or to skip a meal entirely – and more than 2x as likely to oversleep the next morning

43% of Frequent Binge-Viewers watch more TV because of binge-viewing

“Our research shows that the way we consume entertainment continues to evolve – a pattern that we see repeated as viewers embrace and adapt to new platforms and choices. At our core, we are wired to crave good stories that entertain us”

-Robert Miner, President, Miner & Co. Studio.