Streaming Has Become TV


APRIL 2016

Streaming is More Convenient, Reliable, & Satisfying

Nearly 3 in 4 say "these days, my TV input is usually set to stream vs. cable/satellite/telco" and 2 in 3 "find it inconvenient to switch the TV input (from streaming to cable/satellite/telco or vice versa)

- 68% of viewers are streaming MORE often than last year
- 68% say they "couldn't live without streaming services"
- 77% say they've "gotten into the habit of watching their shows on streaming services vs. cable/satellite/telco"
- Nearly 2 in 3 say "I finally feel like I can get rid of cable/satellite/telco"
- 85% have added streaming set-ups in the past year or intend to add more in the near future to more rooms
- 87% agree that "TV is just one of the devices I use to watch my favorite shows"
- 89% agree that "streaming services and devices have changed TV for the better"

The New 'Channels' Viewers Tune to First 

Gone are the days when viewers saw CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC as the 'Big 4' channels. Streaming has reshaped viewers' preferences with most now ranking Netflix, Amazon, Hulu,  HBO GO, or YouTube if they're younger as their top go-to 'channels' for finding and watching shows.

Females Lead The Streaming Charge

61% of females say streaming services are more "convenient to use," as do 56% of males

63% of females are more likely to say streaming services "have quality content," as do 53% of males

65% of females say streaming services "have original scripted series I want to watch," as do 53% of males

67% of females agree streaming services "gives me the most bang for my buck" as do 64% of males

68% of females say "I trust the shows/series recommendations," as do 57% of males

69% of females say "it's easier to discover new shows" via streaming services, as do 62% of males