Summer Streaming



The 'Summer Streaming List' is replacing the 'Summer Reading List'

Streaming of TV shows/series is replacing reading time on vacations this summer. Not only are vacationing families and singles reading fewer books than they have in the past, they’re streaming in places they used to read. When it comes down to it, most are simply more excited about the shows/series they want to stream than the books they want to read.

- 85% have some sort of ‘Summer Streaming List’ with the shows/series they want to watch on vacation this summer compared to 76% who have a ‘Summer Reading List’
- 67% agree with the statement “because I’ve been streaming shows/series, I’m reading fewer books than previous summers/vacations
- The majority say their ‘Summer Streaming List’ is longer than in previous summers, with many saying their ‘Summer Reading List’ is shorter
- 61% have more shows/series on their ‘Summer Streaming List’ and 38% say their ‘Summer Reading List’ is shorter than previous summers
- 56% say they are MORE excited about the shows/series they’re streaming on vacation this summer than previous summers compared to 33% who are MORE excited about the books they’re reading

They’re streaming more frequently and in the spots where they used to read a book

Inside the home, relaxing on the porch, lounging in the yard or out by the beach and lake, most are streaming is the places (and at the times) where they used to read.

62% say they are “streaming shows/series during times [they] used to be reading”

64% say they are “streaming shows/series in places [they] used to read (e.g., the porch, on the deck, in the yard, etc.)”

Among those who are going to the beach or lake for their vacation, 1 in 3  are streaming at the beach or by lake

The Summer Streaming List is also the Summer Binge-Watching List

Most say that binge-watching is a big part of what makes streaming so enjoyable. Nearly 9 in 10 say they are binge-watching and/or plan to binge-watch the shows/series they’re streaming this summer – and that friends and family are binge-watching as well.

87% are watching or plan to watch 3 or more episodes of a show/series in one viewing while vacationing this summer

76% of streamers agree that “binge-watching shows/series is now a common occurrence for [their] friends/family and [them] while on vacation”

Summer streaming is changing their vacation rituals…

Vacation rituals are changing in some expected and unexpected ways.  While vacation time used to mean dozing with a book and going to bed early, they’re staying up later because they’re streaming shows.  And they’re spending less time playing board games and going to the movies less frequently than previous summer vacations.

Staying up later because they’re streaming

83% agree with the statement “I am sometimes staying up later/going to bed later than previous summers/vacations because I am streaming shows/series”

66% agree with the statement “I have slept in a few mornings vacationing / this summer because I was streaming shows/series the night before”

Less traditional play

54% agree with the statement “We are playing fewer board games because we can stream shows/series”

More than half say that “sometimes when I tell my kids to 'go out and play', they'll take the tablet/smartphone outside to stream shows/series”

Fewer family trips to the movies

And 65% agree with the statement “I am going to the movies less frequently because I can stream most of the shows/series I want to watch”


They report that vacation streaming has a number of benefits…

They report greater engagement talking with friends / family about the shows they’re streaming than they have discussing books. Streaming time with friends and family is seen as quality time – and they’re finding more ‘me time’ too.  They’re spending less time out in the sun and experiencing fewer squabbles and fights (especially among their kids) because of the freedom to watch what they want, where and when they want and on the device they want. 

The benefits…

Increased social interaction & bonding

75% agree with the statement “My friends / family and I are talking more about the shows/series we are streaming than the books we are reading”

79% agree with the statement “Shows that we stream are a topic of conversation on vacation with my friends/family”

65% agree with the statement “I am spending more quality time with friends/family because we are getting together to stream and watch shows/series” 

More “me time”

90% agree with the statement “Streaming shows/series gives me a sense of 'me-time' where I can relax and decompress fromother pressures” 

Less sun exposure (and perhaps fewer sunburns)

59% agree with the statement “I am spending less time in the sun because I can stream shows/series”

Less fighting, especially for parents with kids under 18

77% agree with the statement “There has been less "fighting for the remote" among family members / friends now that we are streaming more frequently”

72% of parents agree with the statement “My children are fighting less frequently than previous summers because they can stream the shows/series they want to watch”

88% of parents agree with the statement “It's easier to travel to and from our vacations now because my kids can stream video”

A resounding 86% of streamers say they “do not regret streaming shows/series while vacationing this summer”

Netflix and YouTube continue to rule when it comes to streaming

Netflix and YouTube are the favorites when it comes to streaming content, with 9 in 10 streamers using these services to stream this summer, followed by network websites at 77%.  A significantly greater number say they’re using Netflix and YouTube more often this summer compared to other streaming services.

90% are using Netflix and 93% are using YouTube to stream this summer

59% are using Netflix MORE often than previous summers/ vacations

46% are using YouTube MORE often than previous summers/ vacations

65% say they’ve “increased/ added streaming subscriptions (e.g., Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime Instant Video, etc.) compared to previous summers/vacations”

Streaming trumps cable/satellite as the more enjoyable experience

With this much summer streaming happening only 1 in 2 say they are also consuming video content through cable or satellite while on vacation this summer and 1 in 4 watching less cable/satellite specifically because they’re streaming more.  So why is streaming preferred over cable/satellite? They say it’s more enjoyable. More than half of streamers see it as a way to keep themselves entertained and 86% agree that “streaming has made summer TV viewing more enjoyable than previous summers/vacations” and, now that they’ve found their groove, they plan to stream more when they’re back home.

- 86% say that “streaming has made summer TV viewing more enjoyable than previous summers/vacations”
- Only 1 in 2 streamers are also using cable or satellite TV to watch their shows/series on vacation this summer
- 1 in 4 say “[They] are watching less cable/satellite TV than previous summers because [they’re] watching more shows via streaming services”
- Summer home owners and renters have an average of 3.5 streaming devices at their vacation home
- 48% added more streaming devices to more rooms this summer compared to previous summers
- 40% would like to add more streaming devices in the future
- 69% agree with the statement “Since we’ve been streaming shows on vacation, we’ll probably stream more frequently than before once we return back home”