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Brand Permission & Voice

MISSION: Levi’s ® wanted to assess the appropriate voice for their brand and identify brand extension opportunities.

APPROACH: Loft Party Super Groups conducted in NYC & Venice Beach served as a Levi’s brand immersion; following, respondents did several creative exercises as homework and in-group work: Identify the essence of Levi’s; Attach the Levi’s red tag to an object that evokes the brand; Bring a movie clip that evokes the brand; Bring your favorite pair of jeans (Levi’s or other). Miner & Co. also assessed Levi’s relevance and its lifespan.

OUTCOME: Research facilitated confidence in the brand’s voice and re-opened exploration of category extensions. “Effortless Cool” was identified as a mantra to shape design and marketing. This research was followed up with additional waves of work to understand opportunities in the premium denim space and shape design decisions.