“Robert Miner has been helping companies navigate the turmoil that’s happening around them for years. His vision is driven by research primarily but also by taking that research and turning it into great insight – taking trends in the marketplace and turning them into a strategy you can actually execute on.”

Evan Shapiro, EVP, NBC Universal

“It was this combination of segmentation and ethnography which made it really unique. Being able to hear directly from the people we want to touch every day, and immersing ourselves in their lives and cultures got everyone at the network really excited about what we were doing. We use these segments everyday.”

Jen Caserta, CEO, IFC

“When you actually see people and the way they use media today, and what they expect from a brand, you can come out of it with a very different idea about what it is that you need to do. I can’t imagine anything I would rather invest in than this kind of work because I feel like the benefits stick.”

Judy McGrath, former CEO, MTV Networks


It was amazing research — and very impactful.

— Al Gough, Millar Gough Ink | Creator, Into the Badlands