Ethno-Segmentation Shapes the BBC America Experience

MISSION: BBC America desired a deeper understanding of its audience to inform critical decisions for programming and development of original shows and marketing.

APPROACH: Miner & Co. Studio conducted a two stage segmentation study—first a quantitative online survey to identify the viewer segments, followed by videotaped ethnographies to bring the segments to life.

OUTCOME: The Ethno-Segmentation approach delivered engaging and actionable profiles of the BBC America audience segments which have been used across initiatives for show concept assessment, series maintenance, and marketing.

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Shaping the “Always On, Slightly Off” Voice of IFC

MISSION: To guide a brand refresh, IFC sought a deeper understanding of network perceptions and viewer desires with the goal of developing a new brand voice and tagline to redefine the network.

APPROACH: Following a segmentation study, Miner & Co. studio conducted ethnographies among viewers and friends in their homes, neighborhoods, cafes, bars, and at parties to provide rich insights and to guide marketing and programming decisions.

OUTCOME: The “Always On, Slightly Off” tagline and a brand reflected in quirky shows like Portlandia were found to be a winner—and IFC was reborn.

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Audience Immersions Drive Innovation, Creative and Brand 

MISSION: Viacom needed a richer understanding of how viewers across all of their networks were choosing to watch TV (time-shifted, online, mobile) to assess potential impact on content selection and platforms they were offered on.

APPROACH: Miner & Co. Studio conducted ethnographies with viewers across the suite of Viacom networks, followed by a full-day offsite with Viacom’s executive tier, featuring video from the ethnographies, moderated panel discussions, and Q&A sessions in which the executives were able to talk directly to their viewers.

OUTCOME: Audience Immersion was embraced enthusiastically by the executives. Viacom subsequently commissioned immersions that played a role in numerous initiatives across content, platform decisions and network brand refreshes.

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Creating a Brand for a New Audience

MISSION: NUVOtv asked Miner & Co. Studio to help them rebrand their network. Through audience insights and stakeholder sessions we helped them create a brand that speaks to Modern Latino Life.

APPROACH: We employed ethnographies with a range of Modern Latino segments, online bulletin boards to shape brand articulation, workshops with stakeholders to refine brand articulation and define filters, and ongoing collaboration with programming and marketing to stay true to the brand.

OUTCOME: The research led to the creation of a new set of brand filters and the NUVOtv “brand book” which became the basis for the network re-launch in the summer of 2013. NUVOtv’s Chief Creative Officer, Jennifer Lopez, speaks to these insights in interviews.

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2012 Silver medal winner

2012 Silver medal winner

Activating Awesome: The Lost Viewer Study

MISSION: When Comedy Central saw their audience numbers drop precipitously, they commissioned Miner & Co. Studio to conduct research to understand the reasons for the rapid decline and how to address it.

APPROACH: We conducted ethnographies and “buddy groups” among millennial males and pals, brainstormed digital and mobile features and content, hosted audience immersions with millennials and network stakeholders, and lead an offsite brand brainstorming session with key stakeholders and creatives.

OUTCOME: During our ethnographies, something striking came to light: Comedy Central’s core viewer 20-something males had almost all recently purchased HDTVs, and as a result, their viewership patterns had changed. They were watching, almost exclusively, programs in the HD block and Comedy Central was not broadcasting in HD at that time. Ethnographic findings informed changes to the network shows and voice, and played a key role in an overall refresh of the Comedy Central brand. Just as critically, the network was able to secure funding to establish an HD channel and regained a substantial portion of their viewership almost immediately.

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Shaping the 'Eyes Wide Open' Initiative

MISSION: As a network serving millennials, pivot was seeking a deeper understanding of their Digital Media Literacy and Online Data Privacy awareness, behaviors and perceptions.

APPROACH: Miner & Co. Studio fielded a nationwide study among millennials exploring Digital Media Literacy and Online Data Privacy awareness, behaviors, preconceptions and misconceptions.

OUTCOME: The study shaped programming and content at pivot, including their online and on-air Eyes Wide Open campaign and segments on Take Part Live and with Meghan McCain. The study also shaped the network's advertiser transparency and digital rights policies.

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Brand Permission & Voice

MISSION: Levi’s ® wanted to assess the appropriate voice for their brand and identify brand extension opportunities.

APPROACH: Loft Party Super Groups conducted in NYC & Venice Beach served as a Levi’s brand immersion; following, respondents did several creative exercises as homework and in-group work: Identify the essence of Levi’s; Attach the Levi’s red tag to an object that evokes the brand; Bring a movie clip that evokes the brand; Bring your favorite pair of jeans (Levi’s or other). Miner & Co. also assessed Levi’s relevance and its lifespan.

OUTCOME: Research facilitated confidence in the brand’s voice and re-opened exploration of category extensions. “Effortless Cool” was identified as a mantra to shape design and marketing. This research was followed up with additional waves of work to understand opportunities in the premium denim space and shape design decisions.

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App Development: I've Got Something Funny in My Pocket

MISSION: Comedy Central aimed to discover opportunities to enhance their digital experience and offerings for Gen Y males.

APPROACH: Miner & Co. Studio assembled cross-functional teams of Comedy Central developers, programmers, marketers & select viewers engaged with comedy content as well as digital and mobile touch points. Respondents were sent flip cams to document their comedy media behavior, as well as their use of mobile apps and websites for TV content, social updates, etc. This was accompanied by ideas for optimization.

OUTCOME: Research revealed that Comedy Central had a big opportunity to become the go-to comedy resource for Gen Y males. The network needed to provide Gen Y males ways to share content with and impress friends and acquaintances, and to leverage different platforms to keep them engaged. Research continues to shape Comedy Central’s digital and cross-platform offerings, including the launch of the CC Stand-Up App.

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Learning to 'Enjoy Better'

MISSION: For years, Time Warner Cable presented ‘Value’ in a commoditized manner, chasing the bottom dollar construct by hammering at triple play and lowest subscription price – so much so that their target devalued their services as a disposable utility. Facing threats from FiOS, DirecTV and cord-cutting driven by Hulu, Netflix and Roku, TWC recognized a need to redefine what ‘Value’ meant in their category.

APPROACH: Miner & Co. Studio conducted ethnographies, creative imagery focus groups and ideation sessions among subscribers, prospects and ‘at risk’ segments. Following the output from the exploratory phase, campaign groups were conducted.

OUTCOME: TWC’s new “Enjoy Better” campaign, which aired during the Super Bowl in 2012, focused on the emotional ‘Value’ construct with a new framing that puts a lens on the excellence of the experiences provided: quality content (HBO, Showtime, AMC) seamlessly delivered on the devices they love (iPads, laptops, HD TVs). The goal over time is to change the conversation around the value TWC provides through consistent repetition and iterations of the campaign.

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