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Robert Miner

Robert Miner is on a mission to help make TV shows better and TV networks stronger through a combination of audience insights and decades of collaboration with the creative community.

With his team at Miner & Co. Studio, and his focus on delivering findings that are impactful for series creators and show runners and actionable for content providers, he has guided the storytelling and refined the focus of countless television series and shaped the experience of numerous networks and studios. His work on audiences’ evolving viewing habits and preferences have been profiled on CBS News, The Times, Forbes, AdAge, Variety and Buzzfeed.


Francesca Gallo
Insights Strategist

Francesca is curious and creative by nature, with a love of people and community, and a commitment to hustle. Her research philosophy centers on thoughtful questions, insight-driven storytelling, and bold ideas that bring client challenges and solutions to life in new and exciting ways.

Before joining Miner & Co. Studio, Francesca worked for MoStrategy as a qualitative researcher and strategist. She holds a B.A. from Colgate University in Religion and Middle Eastern studies.


Lindsey Neeld
Insights Strategist

Before joining the team at Miner & Co Studio, Lindsey worked at a variety of advertising agencies and brand consultancies as a brand strategist and qualitative researcher. Curiosity, problem-solving, insight development, and storytelling are central to what drives her. At the core of her work is a desire to understand the people her clients want to connect with on more meaningful levels.

When Lindsey isn’t working, she’s experiencing the creative culture NYC has to offer (specifically music and comedy shows), listening to podcasts, or hosting events..


Dylan Malburg
Insights Associate

Dylan is passionate about all things TV and media. He believes that digging deeper into consumer insights is the key to guiding media’s shifting landscape, and is excited to be a part of the change.

He’s recently married, and excited to be working in the city—he also has a penchant for vinyl and a long-term aspirational goal of adopting a corgi.

Originally from Michigan, Dylan joins Miner & Co. Studio having recently graduated from New York University with a B.S. in Business and a B.F.A. in Film & Television.


Nicolette Pinto
Insights Associate

Nicolette comes to Miner & Co. Studio with a passion for asking the right questions and learning what drives consumers’ choices, which also suited her well in her previous role project managing a range of research initiatives at Focus Suites in midtown Manhattan.

Her interests span from consumer experiences and insights to public policy. All hinge upon an understanding of how people interpret their surroundings. Ultimately, Nicolette hopes to facilitate the best environment for all.

In addition to her role at Miner & Co. Studio, Nicolette is in her final year at Hunter College studying Political Science and Public Policy.

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Erin Leigh Zimman
Insights Consultant

Based in Portland, OR, Erin specializes in Millenial and Get Z pop culture (e.g. TV, News, VGs, Music, Comedy, Attitudes, Communications, and Finance), “Do-Good” Products, and Media.

Previously, Erin worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment and SIS International. She has an M.A. in International and Transcultural Studies from Columbia University.


Scott Cordell
Field Director

Scott brings his 18 years experience as both a seasoned researcher and field director to Miner & Co. Studio, having helped to shape and execute projects for clients such as Kenneth Cole, Partnership for a Drug Free America, Time Warner Cable, and MTV Networks.

Scott approaches moderating and field management with a total “teamwork” mentality. He believes that the best research is achieved when everyone—the client, the research team, and the field—work together.

He loves exchanging ideas and formulating solutions to ensure that the best and most qualified respondents are targeted and interviewed with sensitivity and skill.


Daizy Harrigan
Finance & Operations Director

With almost a decade’s experience working with the Miner & Co. Studio team and their clients, Daizy manages day to day operations and finance.

With the same calm and thoughtful approach she brings to raising her son Shilo and daughter Nya, Daizy’s door is always open and she is the first to greet all with a smile at the start of each day.