June 14, 2018

Study: Want to Enhance TV Viewing Time? Consider Cannabis

“Consuming cannabis enhances family TV viewing, according to a study by Miner and Co. Studio, a media and brand consultancy. Some 76% of those polled say they spend more time watching TV with their kids when they have consumed cannabis.”

June 12, 2018

Cannabis Makes Family TV Time More Fun, Say Pot-Smoking Parents

“In unsurprising news, it appears parents occasionally enjoy their children’s company more while stoned, based on a survey just released by NYC-based media and brand consultancy Miner & Co. Studio.”

May 23, 2018

Cannabis Consumers Want Hollywood to Abandon Marijuana Stereotypes

“Media has played an incredibly important role in the societal acceptance of cannabis consumption, but there’s still work to do,” Robert Miner, president of Miner & Co. Studio, said in a statement. “The same recognizable trope of the harmless silly stoner that drove normalization has now become an impediment to acceptance for productive and engaged consumers of cannabis.”

May 23, 2018

The Hollywood Reporter
Cannabis Consumers Dissatisfied with Onscreen Representation, Survey Shows

“A new survey suggests it’s high time for television companies to rethink the stoner stereotype. New York strategic research agency Miner & Co. Studio released a report Wednesday, “TV and the New Cannabis Consumer,” that calls on Hollywood to help change perceptions of marijuana users.”

April 25, 2018

Pop Hopes Its Linear-Loving Audience Will Help It Make Noise In The Upfront

“The company is in the midst of 250 meetings with clients and agencies around the industry to present its upfront slate, as well as sharing the results of the segmentation and ethnography study of Pop’s audience—entertainment-loving viewers in their 30s and 40s whom the network calls “Modern Grown-ups”—conducted by Miner & Co. Studio. ‘We spent a lot of money to know our audience better than ever before, and advertisers can take advantage of that knowledge,’ said Pop president Brad Schwartz.”

March 16, 2018

The Wall Street Journal
Small Trends Can Be BIG

“A 2016 survey of marijuana users by the branding consultant Miner & Co. Studio found that more than 80% had full-time jobs, more than 60% had household incomes of at least $75,000 and were married or living with a partner, and more than 40% were parents of children under 18.”

January 22, 2018

These Hilarious Faux Gym Ads Are Actually TV Promos

“Going forward, Rees’ marketing goal is to “push the brand harder than it’s been pushed”—hence Rees appointing Miner & Co. Studio, led by Robert Miner, to conduct a segmentation and ethnography study of Pop’s audience.

“You end up with these mini-documentaries about your audiences. Robert goes to their houses and opens up their DVRs. It’s the most priceless way to understand your audience. I feel like once we have that, that’s when my job really starts,” said Rees.

Pop will reveal the results of that audience study during its upfront talks this spring. ‘It’s introducing greater depth to our audience than we’ve ever had before,” said Rees. “When you can bring those segments to life, the ad community really responds.’”

April 19, 2017

The Futon Critic
Crackle Releases Results of Comprehensive Study and Identifies New Psychographic Segment

“During their upfront presentation today, Crackle released results of new research (conducted in collaboration with the media research and strategy firm, Miner & Co. Studio), that identifies a new and highly coveted psychographic segment called ‘Connected Entertainment Enthusiasts.’”

April 16, 2017

New York Post
Say goodbye to the ‘loner stoner’

“The modern cannabis customer, in a country where more and more states are legalizing its use, wants to integrate pot smoking into a wellness program that includes diet and exercise, said the landmark study of 800 regular cannabis users by New York consultancy Miner & Co. Studio.”

February 8, 2017

Indianapolis Business Journal
IndyCar in hot pursuit of younger audience with new marketing strategy

“The digital push—fueled by recent focus group studies—is an effort to go after millennials and other young viewers, O’Donnell said.

New York-based Miner & Co. Studio fueled the research that led to IndyCar’s strategy change, while New York-based Johnson & Wolverton is handling creative and other marketing duties.”

December 31, 2016

The New Luxury Marijuana Marketplace Targets Big Spenders

“While many people may think of recreational marijuana smokers as grungy stoners, a new study from Miner and Co. Studio has uncovered an upscale cannabis consumer. These are not lazy, couch melters with low paying jobs. It turns out that 84% of these cannabis consumers are employed full-time and 65% have a household income of $75,000 or more.”

July 27, 2016

Broadcasting Cable
Study: TV Kicking Movies’, Books’ Butts

“A study on so-called peak TV and streaming reveals just how elevated a perch television is enjoying in pop culture. Fully 72% of respondents said they choose TV over movies these days, according to a survey by Miner & Co. Studio, while 67% said they are streaming their favorite TV shows at the expense of reading. Furthermore, 85% said they have a summer streaming list, while 76% have a summer reading list.”

July 21, 2016

Television Business International
Study: ‘Peak TV’ reached

“Some 73% of respondents to a Miner & Co. Studio study agreed 2016 was ‘the summer of peak TV’, with more quality content released than ever before, with 77% also believing there was no such thing as “too much” good TV.

FX Networks president John Landgraf coined the term ‘peak TV’ in reference to what he sees as an over-saturation of the scripted television market.”

July 21, 2016

The Drum
Study: 2016 is the summer of peak TV and it’s impacting the film industry

“Miner & Co. Studio, an entertainment industry insights company, this week released a new study that explores viewer attitudes toward “peak TV.” Peak TV, a now widely-used term, was first coined by FX president John Landgraf to describe how much quality TV programming there is right now.”

July 20, 2016

Peak TV: Summer Viewing Spikes as Broadcast, Cable, SVOD Battle for Attention

“The summer TV doldrums vanished when cable turned up the heat on originals in the warm-weather months. Now that streaming services have joined the fray, we’re not just at “Peak TV,” we’re at “Peak Summer TV,” according to a study from consulting firm Miner & Co Studio.”

July 20, 2016

Study: Viewers Feel Streaming Series Are Of Higher Quality Than Those On Cable and Broadcast

“New York-based research firm Miner & Co. Studio has sought to study consumer attitudes around the term ‘Peak TV’ — a concept coined by FX Network president and general manager John Landgraf to describe a saturation of popular and critically-acclaimed series, as well as a proliferation of distribution outlets. “There is simply too much television,” Landgraf notably said last August.”

August 28, 2015

More People Have a Summer ‘Streaming’ List Than a Summer Reading List

“Summer used to be synonymous with poring over a juicy read at the beach, or curling up next to a good book outside on the porch. 

But not anymore. A new survey conducted by New York-based research firm Miner & Co. Studio reveals that, while 76 percent of Americans say they have a summer reading list, 85 percent report to having a summer “streaming” list -- a catalog of content that they intend to binge before summer ends.”

August 26, 2015

Advanced Television
Binge-Watching Tops Summer Activities

“Streaming of TV shows is replacing traditional summer activities such as reading, cinema trips, board games and dozing in the sun according to a study from Miner & Co. Studio.
Nearly 9 in 10 revealed to Miner & Co they are binge-watching and/or plan to binge-watch the shows they’re streaming this summer – and that friends and family are binge-watching as well.”

August 25, 2015

CBS News
Summer Streaming Lists Beat Out Summer Reading Lists

“The hours people have spent flipping the pages on a summer reading list is now more often spent streaming video — mostly from Netflix or YouTube, not cable — and streaming some more.

According to a new survey of men and women who stream, nine in 10 people say they and their friends are binge-watching their favorite shows or series this summer. And more than 60 percent said they are streaming on devices during the times and in the places they were reading in the past, everywhere from inside the house to the porch, yard and beach. In fact, one in three beach-goers are streaming their shows on the shore.”

August 21, 2015

Summer of the Binge: TV Streaming Displacing Beach Reading, Tanning

“This summer, the average American has been more likely to flip on Netflix than to flip the pages of a book.

Summertime rituals are skewing toward binge-watching TV series on streaming services — and away from such classic pastimes as curling up with a good read and basking in the sun, according to a new survey conducted by New York-based research and consulting firm Miner & Co. Studio.”